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What an exciting 1st semester at Yadkin Early College High School! Our school is so very special and there have been so many wonderful things that have happened on our campus.


  • Our students made a C or better in 91% of the college courses they took and did extremely well on the Fall End of Course and NC Final Exams. Our students are off to the races and we are expecting a great academic finish at the end of the semester.
  • Our teachers completed professional training with Dr. Kay Drake as well as a multitude of other professional development to keep their instructional razors sharp. They will be getting more training during the 2nd semester to ensure our students receive the very best instructional practices.
  • We have competed in two College Cup league competitions and our clubs and teams are at the top of the heap in both conferences. We believe we will be # 1 in both College Cups at the end of the year!
  • We have an active and impactful Parent Group that is supporting our students and staff in unprecedented ways. They are planning many special events for the 2nd semester.
  • We have visited several college campuses, held Career Cafes, sponsored four Parent Nights, enjoyed a wonderful Fall Social and our students have supported a multitude of community agencies in fulfillment of the Four Pillars of YEC: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility and Respect! 


Yadkin Early College High School truly is a special place because we have such special students, teachers and parents.


As we look at the calendar from February to June, there are many important events that are right around the bend and we are planning for:


February:  ACT for our 11th graders; Teacher of the Year selection; College Cup competitions;

                  Professional Development with Dr. Kay Drake for our teachers; Cap & Gown pictures

                  for our Super Seniors and Open House for our incoming freshmen


March:       State Competition for our Robotic Team; Spring Fling Social; Schoolwide Field Trip

                   to Charleston, SC; Quiz Bowl Regional Competition and Prom


April:         Spring Break! Batteries recharged heading into final exams!


May:          Awards Day; NHS Induction Ceremony; Teacher Appreciation Week; Exams and 



We simply could not do these things with excellence unless we had the right people working together to ensure they get done – students, parents, teachers, administration and community support. As we continue on to the end of the year, we ask for your continued support so that Yadkin Early College High School will continue to be the “Shining Gem in the Yadkin County Schools crown!”